Audio Metallurgy promises to continue to strive to design and manufacture the finest audio cables possible.  We promise to continue producing products, one by one, here in the United States, keeping our quality to the highest standards.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and will work hard to make your experience with us a satisfactory one.


Audio Metallurgy offers a 30 day, no questions asked guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, you may return your product, in like new condition only, for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges. Returns on custom orders will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.  Please email us to let us know that you are planning to make a return. Your refund will be processed within 30 days of the receipt of your return.


All Audio Metallurgy products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture for the original purchaser.  Products that have been misused, abused, tampered with, or otherwise damaged by the consumer will not be covered by this warranty.  Some of our products are very delicate and the consumer understands that they must be handled in a gentle, careful manner.


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Nothing makes us feel more pride than getting comments from happy customers! If they get that special sound they have been striving for, then our goal is accomplished.Here are some of the comments that have been sent to us from a few of our wonderful customers:

For those wondering, the  Audio Metallurgy GA-Zero air dielectric IC's with WBT RCA's are for real. They offer remarkable 3-dimensionality, and they reproduce tones brilliantly, from top to bottom. I've tried elite brand silver IC's, and a range of braided copper, and these best the competition, many of which cost several hundred dollars more, and my system is acutely resolving. My usual test CD's include Beethoven's Sixth, Bohm conducting, *Kind of Blue,* and Aimee Mann's *Lost In Space.* Each disc poses a different kind of test, and in each case, Audio Metallurgy met the challenge. If you know Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, you know that various winds anchor the first movement. No cable I've tried has reproduced those instruments with such realism. Inner detail and a kind of visceral feel are in abundance, and this lets the music really swing. Likewise, the horns on *Kind of Blue*  have a tactile focus that I've never achieved with other cables, and without the kind of etching that often turns detail into abrasiveness. I can hear the air push out from Davis's horn, and I feel the saliva gurgling in Coltrane's and Adderley's saxophones. But again, these are not details provided at the expense of genuine musicality. Instead, they are the kind of subtleties that come to those that listen carefully, but haven't forgotten that the music comes first. Finally, the complexity of Aimee Mann's production choices often leave most IC's struggling to make do, resulting in a feel for a lot going on, but no definite sense of what. The Audio Metallurgy GA-Zero air dielectric IC's seem top catch everything, and musically, that is, the instruments sound like instruments, the effects like integral musical moments. If you like detail and musicality, and refuse to chose between the two, if you are convinced, as I am, that reproduced sound can sound like live performance, then give these a try. Nothing comes close for the money, and Sandi is a gem: communicative, averse to B.S., and bent on customer satisfaction. As the kiddies used to say: go cat, go.         

The fact that I am now buying another one of your cables obviously means that I am quite happy with the first purchase. While I doubt that there can be any one best cable in the world, the Zero air surely does many things exceedingly right. In terms of sheer intensity, three dimensionality and bass weight the Zero air is the best I've heard.

Well, it's always a pleasure to do business with you. Plus, after several months of using your cables in my system, I enjoy them even more than when I first heard them. I was recently able to borrow a Nordost Valhalla IC and I must say that your cables better them with ease. Once you factor the price of your cables into the equation, the GA-0 must be one of the best deals in high-end audio.

Everyone should deal with this Company and purchase its products. It has outstanding customer service and a tremendous product having unparalleled value.

Absolutely outstanding transaction and excellent craftsmanship with their products. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with them again and certainly intend to. Thanks!

Arrived safe and sound,Thanks to Sandi and the people behind the scene,,that develope and engineer these Great Cables !Always pleased with packaging and shipping time...Keep up the great work...

Top Cables !!!Thanks for the quick service, the REALLY EXCELLENT Interconnects and for dealing with Australia!!!

Recommended seller. The GA-Zero ICs are beautifully balanced, and without discernable fault in my system. They compete well head to head with cables up to $1000 new price, but are better balanced than any of them that I have tried in that price range.

Quick correspondence. Exceedingly fast shipment. The digital cable is the best one I have ever owned. I would definitely buy again from this reliable seller. Thank you for the support.

Gold alloy 3 interconnects are exactly as described and the sound is incredible. A real pleasure to do business, outstanding customer service! Thanks Sandi. Highly recommended AAAAAAA+++++++

Unbelievable quality and performance. The GA-0 ICs bring music to life. They are simply the best cables on the planet today. First class customer service and quick response to e-mail. Sandi is very friendly and professional as well.

Fantastic Cables, Exceptional Customer Service, Fast Shipping - A truly great company!

I bought 2 pairs of the GA-Zero interconnects from Sandi. These interconnects are simply outstanding! They are crystal clear, quiet, and have given my system bass definition like no other interconnect has ever been able to do. What an incredible find.

Sandi,  Thanks for the cables—just installed the two 1.5m sets as IC’s between pre/pro and power amp, and am using the 1.25m set between phono stage and pre/pro. What a difference! The reviews and your descriptions are true—great cables!

"My System consist of Avalon Acoustics Isis, Conrad Johnson ACT2 Series2, Edge Electronics NL Signature 1.1, Edge Electronics G CD-Player. This is a $128,000 stereo system, and it is only Audio Metallurgy cables that release the full potenial from it. I have used(MIT,Crystal Cable,Nordost,Acoustic Zen,Transparent Audio) a lot of different cabel brands, but none of them is coming close to your cables."

"I must tell you that I have received substantial ribbing from friends for going "cheap" on the ICs after spending 100K on the system and less than $1000 on ICs and speaker cables. I replaced my $3000.00 Transparent ICs with yours and the GA-0 beat them hands down. I must tell the sceptics that price does not always reflect better quality or sound. The GA's opened up the midrange and the soundstage was double that of the Transparents. Your cables are the best kept secret out there. Congratulations!"
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