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Who We Are

Audio Metallurgy began producing our own line of high-end audio cables in 2003. Our signature, GA-0 Interconnects utilize a unique design to bring you incredible sound that even the most discriminating audiophiles are delighted to hear.

We proudly handcraft our products, one at a time, here in the United States, with true craftsmanship that is a rarity in this world of mass produced products. We start with raw materials and assemble each cable with a lot of attention to detail, just as any artisan would. We hold our quality to the highest standards and take pride in the level of care we offer each and every patron. Our customers get a lot of value for their money with our products and can take pride in owning an Audio Metallurgy creation. We go out of our way to work one on one with our customers, helping them to get exactly what they are looking for.

We are an authorized dealer for WBT, Vampire Wire, Xhadow & Furutech products. Please contact us for any of your product needs from these fine lines. We are always happy to help you.

Here at Audio Metallurgy, we feel that we are producing some of the finest handmade cables in the audio industry. We use some of the highest quality materials available in the construction of our products. It is our belief that we can provide you a high end product, made with the best materials, at a fair, reasonable price.

We are proud to be a "Factory Direct" partner on Audiogon. Please check out our Audiogon Store by clicking on the link above & to the left.

Contact us directly by emailing us or giving us a call at 620-285-6515 for your personalized price quote. We are happy to help you!