Gold Reference Biwired Speaker Cables

Gold Reference Biwired Speaker Cables
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Product Description

Our Gold Reference Speaker Cables are available in a standard stereo configuration or a bi-wired configuration. They are terminated with either 5/16" WBT spades or WBT bananas, well known as being some of the best terminations available. For extra performance, we treat the connectors with contact enhancing, Caig Laboratories, Inc., ProGold G5. This product helps improve conductivity and can provide lubrication and long lasting protection on precious metals such as gold. These cables are constructed of 36 strands (around 11 gauge per pole) of our incredible 20 gauge pure silver-plated copper wire. Each strand is individually encased in its own Teflon dielectric. The whole array of wires is in a triple helix, litz configuration. The outer jacket is super tough Kevlar, which helps in the shielding of the cables. Kevlar is so tough you can't cut it with a pair of scissors! We use a special braiding technique with these speaker cables, allowing for more flexibility and for them to fit into tighter areas, if necessary. Each pair is carefully handcrafted in the United States with much attention to detail. They are a cost-no-object set of cables that will enhance your system!

They will open up your system with amazing, rich sound. In fact, here is what one of our satisfied customers had to say about his cables, "Exceptional imaging and soundstage!! Very natural sounding on voices and instruments!!" Another customer gave us this comment, "I have 3 stereo sets in my house, master bedroom, audiovideo room, and sun room. Every time I add one of your interconnects or speaker wires, it is as if I've put another $5,000 into the systems."

Here is what we heard from another great customer, "Sandi, I am SO happy with the new speaker cables you sent me on trial --- they are NOT coming back!!! I had ordered them just on faith -- there is not much description on your website, but the build quality and the sound quality of the GA-0 i/c's that I bought from you last year were so good, I just had to see if your speaker cables would solve my problems. I wanted greater clarity, like the solid-core silver wires gave me, with natural timbre and presence, like the Cardas Golden Ref cables gave me. And they are wonderful! From the moment I installed them, it was clear that they are the solution!!! They have spot-on timbre and tonality, great dynamics AND microdetail, and outstanding stage presence AND transparency. And within a day of use, they got even better -- they are simply outstanding. Well Done and THANK YOU !!!"

We take pride in our craftsmanship and personalized service and are happy to take orders for standard 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 foot lengths, as well as for custom lengths. Pricing for standard lengths is below. Contact us for your personal price quote for custom lengths.

Contact us directly by emailing us or giving us a call at 620-285-6515 for your personalized price quote. We are happy to help you!