GA-9 Power Cord

GA-9 Power Cord
Item# ga-9-power-cord

Product Description

Here is what one of our satisfied customers had to say about his GA-9 power cord, "after about an hour of having my system be on, its all tubes except CDP and turntable, the sound was wonderfully open, wide, excellent sound staging, nice depth, great power cord".

Each cord is constructed with (15) individual 20 gauge, Teflon encased, silver-plated wires. These are in a triple helix, litz type configuration. The outer skin is super tough Kevlar. The specially woven triple braid that we use allows for the cord to fit into tighter spaces, if necessary, and for more flexibility of the cord. The terminations on this particular cord, are the gold plated Furutech 25 Series IEC & plug ends, well known as top of the line audio grade connectors. For extra performance, we treat the connectors with contact enhancing, Caig Laboratories, Inc., ProGold G5. This product helps improve conductivity and can provide lubrication and long lasting protection on precious metals such as gold.

This is a high caliber cord that will not disappoint you!

We take pride in our craftsmanship and personalized service & are happy to take orders for standard 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 foot lengths, priced below, as well as for custom lengths. Contact us for you personal price quote. We also offer the option to order Schuko plugs if needed.

Contact us directly by emailing us or giving us a call at 620-285-6515 for your personalized price quote. We are happy to help you!