GA-3 Interconnects

GA-3 Interconnects
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Product Description

Audio Metallurgy interconnects are designed and built with one provide a perfectly sublime signal path between components. This is a very difficult task to achieve, as all components of audio cables leave sonic signatures. To overcome this, we have designed all of our cables to leave their signatures in the frequencies that are not audible to the human ear. Our linear and geometric wire designs provide the cleanest, most dynamic, path for your music to flow.

The GA-3's feature our gold plated wire in a triple linear configuration which is insulated in pure natural Teflon. We then finish off the whole cable with an outer layer of super-tough KEVLAR. This cable is EXTREMELY flexible and so tough you can't cut it with a pair of quality scissors. The wire in Audio Metallurgy cables has been cryoenically treated for added performance. The GA-3ís are terminated with either Neutrik XLR connectors with gold contacts or WBT Midline RCA connectors. You will not be disappointed!

We take pride in our craftsmanship and personalized service and are happy to take orders for standard lengths, as well as for custom lengths. Pricing listed below or contact us for a personal price quote on your custom length request.

Contact us directly by emailing us or giving us a call at 620-285-6515 for your personalized price quote. We are happy to help you!