GA-0 Interconnects

GA-0 Interconnects
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Frank Alles, Senior Editor of "The Stereo Times" had this to say about our Zero's: "Getting to the meat of the matter, the strong suit of the GA-0ís is their ultra-smooth, grainless and relaxed presentation. To my ears, their tonal balance is nearly neutral. They offer deep bass slam, weight, and articulation when called for, and make midrange instruments like brass and woodwinds sound as naturally smooth and sweet as the actual acoustic instruments can sound."

You can read his full review by clicking on the "REVIEW - "The Stereo Times" link on the left of the page.

This cable starts with 2 single runs (3 for the balanced version) of our exceptional gold plated wire, sandwiched between 2 identical, flexible, medium strength magnets. There is no insulation of any kind on either run, and nothing separating them but air. The only contact made with the wires is a small amount of adhesive holding the wires in place during assembly and a small cross section of the magnets. This is a very complex design that requires no batteries, capacitors or resistors to achieve a perfect signal flow. As the current passes through the signal wires in the middle of the magnets, it creates it's own electrical magnetic field surrounding the wires transferring the signal. This field is the perfect shield that really has almost no interaction with the signal (not true with active...think batteries...shield).

Here is what one of our satisfied customers had to say about his GA-0 cable "The fact that I am now buying another one of your cables obviously means that I am quite happy with the first purchase. While I doubt that there can be any one best cable in the world, the Zero air surely does many things exceedingly right. In terms of sheer intensity, three dimensionality and bass weight the Zero air is the best I've heard". This was later sent by the same customer, "Well, it's always a pleasure to do business with you. Plus, after several months of using your cables in my system, I enjoy them even more than when I first heard them. I was recently able to borrow a Nordost Valhalla IC and I must say that your cables better them with ease. Once you factor the price of your cables into the equation, the GA-0 must be one of the best deals in high-end audio." Another customer told us "they are by far the best IC I've used and Dynamic and Vibrant is that difference. I understand what others have been talking about."

Another happy customer sent us this note, "These arrived, were installed, and instantly cured the background noise my air dielectric interconnects were putting into my sensitive speakers. Your magnetic shielding works like a charm, and the music sounds even more open."

These comments came in from a customer after he was introduced to the Zero's by a fellow audiophile:"This interconnect has truly transformed my humble system, in a way I never imagined would be possible from an interconnect; the improvement wrought is more akin to changing a component, or even speakers. It was apparent to me from the moment I pressed play that this was no ordinary cable...Lindsay Buckingham's voice leapt from the speakers with a startling realism that I had not experienced before, the emotion of Second Hand News, indeed the entire Rumours album, laid bare to be witnessed. The acoustic guitars on Never Going back Again sounded sublime, 'in the room' as it were, as though I could reach out and touch. One album after another, and my Epos M22's continued to surprise me with their hitherto unexpected capabilities...wonderful, tuneful, extended bass...I even turned my REL off at one point and was surprised to hear that it wasn't contributing much at all, despite the power and depth of bass I was hearing. I should go on...about spatial abilities, how the acoustic space on a recording is now transferred, miraculously, into my loungeroom; about a cavernous soundstage that, almost, seems to extend beyond the walls of my room with instruments and vocalists precisely placed in their own part of a three dimensional space. About detail, tiny percussive details like subtle wood blocks or cymbal strikes that were previously buried but which now seem such an integral part of a performance, that the song wouldn't be the same without them. And dynamics, wow! This cable has the elusive 'tingle factor' by the absolute bucketload, and I am rapidly forming the opinion that it is all the cable I will ever need, regardless of whatever component upgrades occur around it. In fact, the only other cable I will ever need, is another GA0. Congratulations, and thank you, for an exemplary product."

Another customer with a seriously killer system sent us these comments, "I must tell you that I have received substantial ribbing from friends for going "cheap" on the ICs after spending 100K on the system and less than $1000 on ICs and speaker cables. I replaced my $3000.00 Transparent ICs with yours and the GA-0 beat them hands down. I must tell the sceptics that price does not always reflect better quality or sound. The GA's opened up the midrange and the soundstage was double that of the Transparents. Your cables are the best kept secret out there. Congratulations!"

A very nice compliment was paid to us by this serious audiophile, " My System consist of Avalon Acoustics Isis, Conrad Johnson ACT2 Series2, Edge Electronics NL Signature 1.1, Edge Electronics G CD-Player. This is a $128,000 stereo system, and it is only Audio Metallurgy cables that release the full potenial from it. I have used(MIT,Crystal Cable,Nordost,Acoustic Zen,Transparent Audio) a lot of different cabel brands, but none of them is coming close to your cables."

One word of caution, these are not for everyone, as they need to be handled with kid gloves since they are delicate electronic devices. You have to make sure that you treat them with care by pushing & pulling on the connectors & not the cables themselves when connecting & disconnecting them. Also, they are a little less flexible than your typical ic's generally are. Bottom line have to be careful with these! We will not accept cables that have been damaged or tampered with for a refund.

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