GA-0 Digital Cable

GA-0 Digital Cable
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Product Description

This is what one of our satisfied customers said about his GA-Zero Digital cable "I recieved the digital cable and I'm very impressed with the quality and sound. It made a huge difference when playing music video's in dts or dolby. Deep and big soundstage for digital. I use JM LAB speakers, Arcam AV-8 pre/pro, Proceed HPA amps, Marantz SA-12 player."

Another customer reported back to us with these comments: "Hi Sandi; Just wanted to let you know that I received my Audio Metallurgy digital cable yesterday. The cable sounded fantastic right out of the packaging. Do you do some sort of pre-cook on your cables, because it has been my past experience that most cables especially the better ones almost always sound bright and edgy when new? Not this cable. Immediately I noticed an improvement not only in the amount of bass but more importantly in the tone and resolution of the lower band. Soundstaging and imaging were also subtly but noticeably improved. These are all sort of hi-fi type things that although desirable aren;t always crucial in reproducing music electronically at home. It is with this in mind that I recount to you the most impressive aspects of the performance of this cable. I noticed a marked improvement in the continuity of the music. There was a flow and naturalness to the sound that I have never heard from CD playback in my system before. All the instruments seemed to be working together in a cohesive manner with excellent timing characteristics.This suggests to me that there was a superior interface between my transport and Dac with this cable that was somehow reducing intrinsic jitter. All of this would be impressive in and of itself if this was a comparison to some entry level cables, but this is not the case as my regular arsenal of digital interconnects are some of the heavy hitters in the industry. Oh, hell lets name names. Harmonic Technology Cyberlink Platinum, second in the HT line to only the Magic, Gutwire Chime squared, this excellent Canadians company flagship digital cable, retail $750 Can funds, and finally the Kimber Select 2020 whose list price was north of $900 Can when it was purchased. I can tell you that your zero digital cable categorically outperformed each of these other cables in my system. If this cable has yet to break in and subsequently will sound even better as the hours of usage accumulate I can hardly wait! I look forward to trying some of Audio Metallurgy's analogue cables in the near future. Please keep doing what you are doing."

We think that this Digital cable is one of the best money can buy. This cable starts with 2 single runs (3 for the balanced version) of our famous gold plated wire, sandwiched between 2 identical, flexible, medium strength magnets! There is no insulation of any kind on either run, and nothing separating them but air. The only contact made with the wires is a small amount of adhesive holding the wires in place during assembly and a small cross section of the magnets. This is a very complex design that requires no batteries, capacitors or resistors to achieve a perfect signal flow. As the current passes through the signal wires in the middle of the magnets, it creates it's own electrical magnetic field surrounding the wires, transferring the signal. This field is the perfect shield that really has almost no interaction with the signal (not true with active...think batteries...shield).

The GA-0 Digital comes with a standard termination of WBT Midline RCA connectors or gold plated Neutrik XLR's. We are also excited to offer the opportunity to upgrade your Midline WBT RCA ends to WBT's new "Nextgen" Topline RCA Connectors. The Topline Nextgen's conductor material is made of pure copper and is plated in nickel-free gold to ensure the highest level of conductivity. You may upgrade to this high end connector for an additional charge.

Just to clarify, this is NOT a is for the single cable.

One word of caution, the Zero Digital cables are not for everyone, as they need to be handled with kid gloves since they are delicate electronic devices. You have to make sure that you treat them with care by pushing & pulling on the connectors & not the cables themselves when connecting & disconnecting them. Also, they are a little less flexible than your typical ic's generally are. Bottom line have to be careful with these! We will not accept damaged cables for a refund.

Here is another feedback left about a customer's GA-0 Digital: "Very friendly service and fast shipping. Excellent cable. I have used Tributary coaxial cable, but Audio Metallurgy digital cable surpasses it with big margin; more natural high and mid extension, fast and life-like bass. Love to do business again"

"Outstanding seller and product! Digital cable is stunning good, right out of the box without break in, it already sounds better than my another $400 digital cable. Just bought another one last night. Thank you for your great cable, Sandi!" was reported by another customer.

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