FI-50 (R)- High-End Performance IEC connector

FI-50 (R)- High-End Performance IEC connector
Item# fi50-r-highend-performance-iec-connect50

Product Description

(Alpha) pure-copper rhodium-plated conductors Earth/Ground Jumper System (US Patent No.: 6,669,491 ) Piezo Ceramic series connector bodies incorporate ceramic nano-sized particles, carbon powder, nylon and fiberglass Multilayered nonmagnetic stainless steel and carbon fiber housing incorporates a special damping insulating acetal copolymer Specified for cable diameters from 6mm to 20mm Dimensions: Body length 44mm x 40.5mm diameter x 80.3mm overall length Patent pending metal cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortion plus patent-pending specially engineered pressure plate

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