e-TP4+4 Power Distributor (20A/125V & 15A/125V)

e-TP4+4 Power Distributor (20A/125V & 15A/125V)
Item# etp44-power-distributor-20a125v442012515125

Product Description

Furutech’s Patent-Pending Axial Locking System

Furutech designed a special locking screw (see illustration below) that anchors each duplex receptacle that prevents oscillation and enhances long-term stability and pin contact area. Further, a special 3M material isolates the duplex outlets from resonance, Total attention to detail: Each Axial Lock is torqued to perfection to work with the 3M resonance control material, with 4 spikes provided to mount the entire unit.

The e-TP4+4 Twin Power is a sophisticated, luxuriously made single-chassis dual-section power distributor that eliminates many common problems found with audio and video components caused by massively contaminated electrical power. The Twin boasts two 15A duplex receptacles and two 20A duplex receptacles on separate IEC connectors; a 20A power cord is included in the purchase price.

The beautifully crafted special grade aluminum chassis effectively shields against another common problem, RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), and a layer of Formula GC-303 (see below) blocks EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference). Internal wiring is Furutech a-22, 3.8 sq. mm (

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