Ag-0 Interconnects

Ag-0 Interconnects
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Product Description

Our newest addition to our line. We have had such an incredible response to our GA-0 cables, that we decided to offer them in a silver version for those who can't get enough of their silver.

This cable starts with 2 single runs (3 for the balanced version) of our 22 guage pure silver plated OFHC copper wire, sandwiched between 2 identical, flexible, medium strength magnets. There is no insulation of any kind on either run, and nothing separating them but air. The only contact made with the wires is a small amount of adhesive holding the wires in place during assembly and a small cross section of the magnets. This is a very complex design that requires no batteries, capacitors or resistors to achieve a perfect signal flow. As the current passes through the signal wires in the middle of the magnets, it creates it's own electrical magnetic field surrounding the wires transferring the signal. This field is the perfect shield that really has almost no interaction with the signal (not true with active...think batteries...shield).

You will be amazed at the detail...the definition & clarity from the silver plating, as well as the warmth & mellowness of the copper. You will hear the bass being brought out. All of this, combined with our unique construction, gives you one beautiful sounding cable!

Here is what one of our satisfied customers had to say about his Ag-0 cable in a test against his GA-0 cables "I have my original GA-0 on one input, and the new AG-0 on another input on my integrated amp. Via remote, the inputs virtuallly switch in a nano second. Its so fast, your brain cannot pick it up! My CD player has 2 sets of analog outputs that made it just perfect for comparing the two cables. I've listened to both of the cables for many hours. While A/B testing, you can clearly hear that both cables have identical characteristics and the differences you hear are strictly the differences in the wire itself. Up until now, the GA-0 was my favorite cable. After much listening, the AG-0 is now my new favorite! This is what I have concluded. The AG-0 is a bit more resolute, clearer, and my favorite attribute is that its much more transparent. Its truly another great cable.".

One word of caution, these are not for everyone, as they need to be handled with kid gloves since they are delicate electronic devices. You have to make sure that you treat them with care by pushing & pulling on the connectors & not the cables themselves when connecting & disconnecting them. Also, they are a little less flexible than your typical ic's generally are. Bottom line have to be careful with these! We will not accept cables that have been damaged or tampered with for a refund.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and personalized service and are happy to take orders for standard, as well as custom lengths. Pricing for standard lengths below, or contact us for a personal price quote on your custom length. . Contact us directly by emailing us or giving us a call at 620-285-6515 for your personalized price quote. We are happy to help you!

Contact us directly by emailing us or giving us a call at 620-285-6515 for your personalized price quote. We are happy to help you!